Report: BitRabbit April Report (2019-04)

Dear rabbits:

The amazing April has come into an end. Here's our April report. Let's get to know BitRabbit's latest progress. 

I. Mjor Products Update

1.BunnyPub Community

  • Add Banner position on homepage of BunnyPub for the upcoming media operation phase. 


2.BitRabbit Exchange

  • Homepage version upgrade - to bring better trading and visual experiences to users, BitRabbit Exchange has upgraded to web 2.0 version. At the same time, the default language of Exchange is changed to English.


  • Lauching Raise platform - as the premium platform of BitRabbit Exchange, we hope to build Raise into a platform for gathering famous projects, a platform for excellent investors to leap, and a platform representing industry's positve power.


  • BitRabbit premium platform Raise chooses BLKV(BlockVoice) from Korea as its first project. The popular BlockVoice - decentralized content value community (Korea Steemit, its price used to increase 20 times) will open its first phase fund raising on May 6, 2019.

II. Operation Progress


4Newly listed coins in April:

2.Promotion Event



  • The COO of Raise Platform gave a speech on how Raise leads local projects to the international market on the Crypto Intelligence Agency held by  
  • BitRabbit Premium Platform Raise and its first project BLKV go towards international market from Korea, reported by over 300 media from America, UK, and Australia, including the largest media group Digital Journal, report link:,which receives 6.2 likes!



3.Community Operation

  • Groups:
  • 4 QQ groups, 1,714 members
  • 4 telegram groups, 3,979 members
  • 1 line group, 76 members
  • 1 Huobi Chat Group, 398 members
  • 41 WeChat groups, 5,200 members
  • 17 BunnyPub community administrators
  • We have 17 community volunteers on BunnyPub in April. Two inactive groups are dismissed. At the same time, we establish a BitRabbit media group, promoting BitRabbit's latest event on media together with the event. We distribute 268 BRB and 5,332 CARROT as community operation fee, and 2,322 BRB as volunteers' March salary in April. Volunteers' salary in April is estimated to be the similar with that in March, and we will distribute it in the beginning of May.
  • Daily maintenance of Chinese and English communities, including topic guiding, feedback collection and following up

4.BunnyPub Operation

Data report:

In April, 114 users post 2,464 posts and get 55,947 replies. 6,568 people visit BunnyPub, PV reaches 671,680. Total amount of mining reaches 32,388 BRB. Total rewards frequency reaches 5,470 times, includes 8 rewarding coins, such as EOS, USDT, BRB, CARROT. 

BunnyPub autonomy

Autonomous boards: 25 autonomous boards, 14 volunteer board owners. Welcome to join us.


Bounty programme

Rabbits can win BRB prize by posting promotion content about BitRabbit Exchange on our designated websites and submitting the posts links to us! The Bounty programme has been really popular among rabbits all around the world since its launching. We have received over 2,000 amazing articles and videos about BitRabbit Exchange among different channels, which have already won 102,000 likes in total! Click for details:

Win-Win plan

To increase the variety of coins on BitRabbit Exchange, we launch the BitRabbit Win-Win plan. This planl rewards users who recommend new coins to the Exchange. According to the plan, users who successfully recommends a coin can share the transaction fee of the coin. Click for details: 


1 year birthday party

In the amazing April, BitRabbit celebrates its 1 year birthday. In this one year, we overcome all kinds of difficulties and move forward, successfully ranking in the top 50 exchanges globally! Thanks for the support of all rabbits, and hope BitRabbit even better!


III. Plan of May


BitRabbit Exchange

  • Optimize Raise platform
  • Adjust and develop the self-developed high performance icons

BitRabbit Pass

  • Provide the independent wallet SaaS service to clients
  • Complete documents and introductions of BitRabbit Pass Open Platform



  • Media operation of BunnyPub
  • Build BunnyPub media Alliance

BitRabbit Exchange

  • Open fund raising for the first project of Raise BLKV
  • Add trading pairs with 5 mainstream coins
  • Add 10 trading pairs in Innovation Market 

Thank you for your support and trust in Please believe because of the emergence of BitRabbit, a better era of digital asset transaction and investment has already come.


BitRabbit team



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