Dear All:

BitRabbit Bounty Programme has already been going for one month, a lot of users have participated in the programme and created lots of brilliant contents. We've rewarded millions of tokens to the participants. We believe more and more people will come and trade on BitRabbit because of your promotion, increasing the price of your BRB!

We want to summarize the result of the programme, looking for ways to improve it. Therefore we announce the bounty programme will be suspended since 2019-05-14, and the restarting time will be announced in the future. If you are a bounty hunter, please join BitRabbit Bounty Hunter group for notice and Q&A of Bounty Programme, which will only be discussed in the group.

The rewards information from 2019-05-06 to 2019-05-12 is being collected, the corresponding rewards will be distributed on 2019-05-15.

Users who have posted posts on 2019-05-13 and 2019-05-14, please submit us your posts links on these two days before 2019-05-15, 24:00, and we will distribute the rewards to you on 2019-05-17.

We call for everyone to make contributions for BRB, build BRB community together, so as to attract more people to like BRB, increasing the value of BRB! BRB holders, let's fight with us!

BitRabbit Global Team


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