Notice: BitRabbit is about to delist IEI, TRET, GAD

Dear Rabbits:

BitRabbit keeps reviewing tokens which have been listed on the exchange regularly, so as to maintain the high transaction standard and guarantee users' benefits. According to the delisting rules, BitRabbit is about to delist IEI, TRET, GAD in the near future. Please stay focused.

Detailed Arrangements:

  • Delisting time: May 16th, 3:00 PM, 2019 (UTC+8, AWST)
  • Tokens and trading pairs to be delisted


  1. At that time, we will close the deposit function of the above tokens. Please cancel your bids and asks in related markets before May 16th, 3:00 PM, 2019 (UTC+8, AWST), or, the exchange will cancel them for you at certain time.
  2. The delist of related tokens will not affect the withdrawal of them. 

If there is any questions, please contact BitRabbit official staff directly, we will do our best to provide you the best service!

[RISK WARNING] Digital currency is a new social product that is still in its initial stage of development. There could be many risks in the market of digital currency trading (e.g. technical defects, price fluctuations etc.). Users should be fully aware of the investment risks. Established under the legal framework of Australia, BitRabbit is a neutral trading platform aiming to satisfy the trading demands of digital currency fans and is not liable for any review,warranty or compensation liabilities of the currency value. 

Thank you for your support and trust in BitRabbit ( Please be assured that with the emergence of BitRabbit, the era of better digital asset trading and investment has come.


BitRabbit Team



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Thank you for the info

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i hope you remove IEI to to carrot pair cause that one is causing the carrot to dump

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