For New Comer:How to play at Bunny Pub

Dear friends

Welcome to Crypto House, here, you would meet more non-chinese crypto player. And also you will get in touch with more overseas blockchain project. We provide you not only the tokens but also the chance for share your own views. Not at least, it would be possible for overseas media to know you. First of all , I would like to guide you play here and surely you will love here. 

What is BRB

BRB is the token used for BitRabbit Exchange and Bunny Pub.It is the reward points system based On blockchain. The total circulation is about 2 billion. We divide into different segment , of 20 percent for early investor, 30 percent for Team and the rest for others.

What is Carrot

CARROT would be used as the token for exchange and forum which could be used in kinds of promotions.(Lottary log-in receive CARROT and other competitions).In the future, the price of Carrot would be based on BRB.

What is BunnyPub

BunnyPub, one of the community based On blockchain; you can pay here by your BitRabbit wallet through kinds of cryptocurrency.

Sinceestablished On Feb we have more than ten thousands user and authors.There arelots of blockchain company being our member include VNX basechain bee dapp moses and So on.In addition lots of Weibo kol being ourauthors(Dr Blockchain, Comrade Wang and so on) to bring more circulation.

BunnyPub aims to become theBlockchain Based Community.

Inter-Active Mining

BunnyPub interactive mining was officially launched on October 8. You can post the articles here and therefore, you would get replies from the other visitor and if they like your articles or posts, you would get tokens from theirs which is released by BitRabbit. The whole process we called it interactive mining.

You are free here

We believed that happiness is the most important thing in your life. Since its launch , we tryout best to make the community more stable and mostly characteristic with blockchain-based. Here, you can talk freedom.We respect your views and allow your attitude towards the life.

The strategy for you to play here


You can get BRB when you post your articles or reply other author’s or give them your praise.

We encourage your own views instead of copy other’ thoughts. And the earlier you reply to others the more award you get. We would post different posts and every one has the opportunity to be the KOL here. And that means everyone would get the chance to win tokens.

Compared with giving praise, reply to other author’s posts, you will get more profits.

The more profits you get, the earlier you reply the other author’ posts.

Bonus or log-in post, award post is not included in the mining.

Daily Mission

Stick to log-in for everyday and you will get Carrot for bonus and more VNS for you.


BunnyPub is the first community to support the full-currency password token released function. You can give any password for release your token bonus. If you find the bonus button at the top right when you read the post, you can click to receive the Cool~

Other activities for your

BunnyPub is a community for you to mining when you interactive with other people in the forum.We now open for recruit our forum autonomy manager. In addition, we are open to all for forum autonomy.

Easy for you to get tokens

BunnyPub is open for full-currency rewards and full-currency password token bonus releases. In addition, we would like to sharemore about how to get more tokens. It is very easy, post your articles, give the feedback to other author’s articles and other inter-active mining.

What is BitRabbit Exchange

BitRabbit, one of the largest Australian exchange,established by genius technician.We provide lots of product lines.You will find BAI and other financial derivatives .We believe we would provide excellent service for you.

Invest stock and derivative through cryptocurrencncy. We provide newly news and marketing Analyse is and price value decision servise.

BitRabbit Team

The Team include Alibaba Ants Financia lTalents, Internet Enterprise GM and Lot experts.

BitRabbit’s founding members consist of the following:

Cao Li: Former Alibaba Group Senior Technical Expert

XuXiaomeng: Former Alibaba Group Ant Financial ServiceExpert

ChenXinyi: Internet Unicorn Company General Manager

LiLihong: Doctor of Artificial Intelligence

Chen Qi: IoT Block Chain Open Source Project “” Core Contributor

For more information, please leave me message or send me private message,

I would reply you ASAP. Wish you would have fun here~~~


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Bunny Pub~~


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Не дурно))

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Change Group The Topic

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Oke, I little understood now

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пальцы вверх

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Полезная и очень доходчивая информация!  Спасибо

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Ya~~Bunny Pub~~BRB~~


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Good project . I will share it with the community

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Очень нравится  проект, всё продумано до мелочей. Буду приглашать своих друзей !!

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