It has become clear over the last year that cryptocurrencies can do so much more than replace existing currencies. They can be used to tokenize assets,give access to dapps, represent ownership, make holders become active participants of decentralized networks, among many other uses.

BRB, the native token of BitCoin—the world's most popular crypto-to-crypto exchange—has quickly risen to become a top one digital asset in Taiwan and Australia. While its value has suffered under the paw of the bear market, its long term appeal remains driven by BitRabbit’s ability to maintain profits—something that, so far at least, it appears to be very good at.

A forum business wants to integrate a token but wants to focus on growing their community rather than the technical and security issues of hosting a cryptocurrency wallet.

The forum also enables multiple additional tokens to be launched for specific topics of discussion to spur autonomous growth of the website niche by niche.

Firstly, let us review the BRB’s closed loop economy


Publishers and creators struggle to make a profit from their digital content.  A new way for publishers to monetize their online content and community, based on battle-tested blockchain technology.

To enable publishers to create tokens that help monetize content and grow communities.

Tokens enable publishers to create mutually beneficial community based economic incentives to drive platform growth.

Publishers can also use the tokens to fund raise via an ‘Initial Coin Offering’ (ICO).

BRB is a native digital asset on the Blockchain that can be quickly launched by anyone to help monetize online content and create incentives to encourage desired user behavior.

They're like Ethereum's ERC-20 tokens,but with certain built-in ‘Proof-of-Brain’ properties and a token distributionreward system designed specifically for digital content businesses.

It enables tokens to be distributed by "up vote" and"like"-based algorithms and can be integrated with websites to alignincentives between application owners and community members to spur growth.

TOKEN Recycling

BRB holders can purchase traffic from the platform through advertising bidding. In the future, BRB can also redeem merchandise, gift packages and various physical store vouchers on the platform.

For Publishers and Consumers

By breaking the barriers between offline consumption scenarios and online ecosystems, rabbit currency has real value.

Forming a new situation of online and offline integration, to make BRB real value.

What causes TOKEN price volatility?

Rate shifts in the crypto market follow changes in the market forces such as demand and supply, which often follow a specific economic law.Based on that law, there is a connection between demand, the supply of a product or asset, and its price. The law is also applicable in the crypto market. 

After investigating the BNB and KCS, we found something interests.

It is essential to establish some specific criteria on which to base cryptocurrency pricing. While the factors can fall into two broad categories of demand and supply forces,they can further be narrowed into external and internal factors that affect price volatility. In addition, the traffic anyhow causes TOKEN price volatility.

Binance and BNB


Chart:BNB traffic from Similar Web, Ordinate is the monthly visitor


Chart: BNB / USDT price chart / monthly (from


KuCoin and KCS


Chart:  Ku Chain trafficflow from Similar Web


Chart: KCS/USDT price chart / weekly (from

From the data, it's clear to see that there's positive correlation between Token price and traffic.

The popularity and strength of BitRabbit also plays into BRB’s primary utility, because it means more orders and fastersettlement of a transaction, increasing BRB's value for trading.

How about BRB

BRB is used for two ways, one if for voting of the transaction,another is for purchasing AD traffic. Generally, it aims to link the BRB andtraffic for support the reasonable price of BRB

These powerful  Ads can help you bring users back to your website, so that you can make the most of the traffic you're already getting.

With the increase demand of Ads for BRB, the price of BRB would be increased.

When the exchange's traffic rises, it is usually the period when the currency market is active.

It is a small,but very active, window that some currency traders call the “hot zone".

During this period, there will be competition for the startup team to raise funds, and there is a stronger demand for the liquidity of the exchange. In order to be able to open a trading pair in BitRabbit, there will be a stronger demand for BRB, which will make the price higher.

However, unlike Coin and KuCoin, which are purely exchanges, the BitRabbit is a comprehensive community, and its traffic is not affected by the price fluctuations of the currency market, so it has natural resistance to the bear market.



Why we are so confidence?

From Google Analytics, traffic is increasing since its launch. 



Generally, we believe that the price of BRB is surely positively correlated with traffic. The following is our prediction of the relationship between BRB price and traffic. When the traffic of BitRabbit and its traffic are up to 10 million monthly, it is estimated that the price of BRB is  $3.60.

Hopefully, we would work together to promote BunnyPub and BitRabbit. Surely, it would be the internet traffic reengineering platform based on .blockchain. Lead community developers and common users to share the traffic bonus. 

Overall,BRB and the exchange behind it keep moving strong in the market. With an ever-expanding influence of BitRabbit, there’s little doubt that this currency will keep performing well in the future.

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