Daily Mission Complete – Earn CARROT & VNT

Daily Mission Complete – Earn CARROT and  VNT 

 Screenshots to show your mission complete daily~~


From 17 PM Sep,14 (UTC +8 AWST)

We present CARROT Award to mission complete whohave gone, however it would be reduced to 50% after 23PM Sep.28 2018; VNT would be reduced relatively after 24 PM Oct.19.2018.


You would get CARROT + VNT when you take screenshots of their Stories. Please see the following:

Patient Award

Take screenshots and reply to the post ,you will get 20 CARROTS. You would get 50 CARROT + 600 VNT once you completethe mission for seven days.


Darren Award

take screenshots and reply to the post daily you would get VNT (one for each person )

Complete 5 missions, get 50VNT (top 10)

Complete 8 missions, get 300VNT (top 10)

Complete 11 missions, get 50 CARROT + 1888 VNT (top10)


Encourage Award

The post is 8 hours more likely to successfully navigate to the homepage in one click when the logo is left-aligned than when it is centered. The author would get 3 CARROT.One time for one user.

Mission Entrance:


Award Distribution

All the rewards would be send to your account within oneworking day. We would cancle your award certification once you steal other’screenshots.

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thanks to SoulFire for share the information. successs to  bitrabbit and all member bitrabbit.

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