Advertising business model

Advertising business model 

The advertising model will be launched in Q4 2018 and will focus on local events, but, according to 

our estimates, a full-scale rollout will happen when there is total of over 2 million people on the 


The advertisers from the traditional outdoor advertising market are slated to most intensely 

manifest in the 10 largest world cities (without taking into account the switchover of digital 

advertising specialists): 1. New York 

2. London 

3. Berlin 

4. Paris 

5. Beijing 

6. Tokyo 

7. Seoul 

8. Singapore

9. Hong Kong 

10. Moscow 

Minimum annual turnover of outdoor advertising in 2017 in each of these megapolises comprised 

an average of $280 million. Spheroid Universe plans to engage Advertisers in each of these cities, 

with an average budget of $700,000 and above, which amounts to 0.25% of the market.

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