BE A VIRTUAL LANDLORD IN VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE - Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta - Indonesia

BE A VIRTUAL LANDLORD  IN VIRTUAL REAL ESTATE - Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta - Indonesia

Details of Non fungible Asset for Selling:

1) Space key: -612850:10683300

2) Place: Ancol Dreamland, Jakarta - Indonesia

3) Area rate: 0.129162 ETH

    Sell Price: 0.2 ETH

Please feel free and contact me to buy this Space. Hurry up and Buy it when it is very low in cost.

Definition of Spaces:

Spaces are intellectual property created , circulating and protected on the basis of and in accordance with the European Union laws.

As a Commodity , a space is a Digital Asset.

A Space Owner has the right to resell it , lease it out , give it as a gift , transfer it as inheritance ,use it as collateral , deposit it in a company's character capital.

Space ownership is permanent.

One person can own an unlimited number of spaces. Both physical and juridical persons can purchase Spaces.

Website -

Dear  members of this great unique project make sure to download our mobile apps:

For IOS:

For Android:

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