Everdragons Is Expanding to Tron, Will Launch With Special Offers


The Everdragons platform will soon expand to the Tron Blockchain. The blockchain based gaming platform announced that it has been looking into the Tron blockchain for some time and jumped at the chance to integrate when it became available.

What Did Everdragons Say?

In a Medium post, Everdragons co-founder Jacqueline noted:

“We are excited to announce that we are expanding the Everdragons platform to TRON. As we shared with our community, we have been looking into TRON for some time, and as soon as the opportunity to integrate the chain became available, we jumped at the chance!”


She noted that Tron had been chosen because of its quick growth in the dApps market. They have a scalable solution and fast transactions as well enabling an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Tron also provides options for players to enjoy free transactions and allows developers to create more complex smart contracts. She said that Tron also has a big user base and that the Tron foundation is also very accessible, which makes it a good choice for the developers.

Everdragons has been working on Tron for a few weeks and is expected to announce a launch date soon. It will likely announce special offers and discounts for the users as well.

Is It a Win for Tron?

Everdragons is not new to blockchains. It was previously working on Ethereum, but because of network congestion issues, it moved to the POA network this August.

Cryptokitties and fcoin were causing clogs in the Ethereum blockchain which was a red flag for the game developer. They chose POA because it works as a standalone blockchain as well as an Ethereum sidechain. It has a block time of 5 seconds, making it three times as fast as Ethereum.

As Everdragons is now coming to Tron, the blockchain can expect more user adoption. The popular game’s arrival on the blockchain will make a strong case for Tron as a trusted network for content creators and distributors.

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Someone hate TRON, but someone love it.

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So, what about you? Is the Tron air coin?

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