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The world's first cryptocurrency supported by USDT, more than 180 global banks supporting BTCT, we have

The $ 95,000,000 held in our reserve to allow our Stable coin to have an initial value of $ 1 per


With over 100 full-time employees, this project is likely to create riots in the crypto world.

I would like to exclude the use of XRP together with other coins supported by the Bank.

There are 95,000,000 BTCT shipments, after they have been sold, they can only be bought from

exchange for current courses.

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The project is still in pre-sale preparation, so tokens currently cost $ 0.001, which will increase to $ 0.10.

before the fork takes place, during the pre-sale preparation you will also benefit from the early advantages for investors

such as higher referral commissions.

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