L7 trade - arbitrage opportunity around 1% average profit per trade

Basically, L7 trade is a platform that permit all of us to execute arbitrage trades between crypto exchanges. With this platform you can buy low on one exchange and immediatly sell higher on another plateform. It's a risk free arbitrage.

In reality that's more complex than that. The platform uses agents that will execute the buy and sell trade at the exact same time for you. For their service they will earn a share of the profit. And the platform will also take a piece of this profit. Basically, you will keep one third of it (but it's more then 1% per trade on average). A after the trade the platform acts as a clearing house : sending the crypto to the one who sold it and usd to to one that bought it. In about 4 hours minimal the whole process will executed and you will have your crypto plus your share of profit back in your wallet, ready to execute another trade. Time between trades is around 40 min and 60 min depends on coin.
Thats how you can made 4-5 trades per day.

I am really happy with this platform. I am continue take my profit as i can.


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