Zethyr official launch & mainnet trading competition

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Finanlly, after months of preparation, Zethyr Exchange is officially launching on TRON mainnet at 0000, 18 September 2019, Eastern time.

In phase 1, we will support 3 trading pairs: $BTT/$TRX, $WIN/$TRX & $USDT/$TRX. More trading pairs will be available soon.

Zethyr Mainnet Trading Competition will reward top 50 traders in the period from 18 September — 1 October 2019, Eastern time.

Main Event Distribution Total Rewards: 50,000 TRX

  • Top 1 Trader: 6600 TRX
  • Top 2 Trader: 3500 TRX
  • Top 3 Trader: 2200 TRX
  • Top 4–10 Trader: 1600 TRX
  • Top 11–20 Trader: 1200 TRX
  • Top 21–30 Trader: 700 TRX
  • Top 31–40 Trader: 450 TRX
  • Top 41–50 Trader: 300 TRX

Terms and conditions:

  • To prevent scammers, we will only transfer the prizes to the winning TRX addresses.
  • Winners must follow our Zethyr Twitter and join our Zethyr Telegram.

Zethyr Exchange holds the discretion to disqualify any address that displays cheating or dishonest behaviours.


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Доброго дня.

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Nice share

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@Vipgal1972 #1

Доброго дня.

 Добрый день. Участвуйте в конкурсе? 

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