Top 5 Prizm Benefits 🔝

1. Paramatrix. A powerful system that allows you to instantly create your own capital 💵. Now everyone has the opportunity to earn as much as he always dreamed of.

 2. Paramining. 0.5% daily to the initial account! Life hack: we go through the 2nd level in Paramatrix (9 invited users), we get 2700 coins from the system and deposit them into Paramining to increase the balance by 20% monthly 🚀💰

 3. Liquidity. PZM coins can be instantly exchanged for bitcoins and Ethereum.

 4. Maximum control. We are not a stock exchange, not a fund. We are a crypto wallet. Therefore, all money is controlled only by you.

 5. Anonymity. It’s impossible to crack a wallet, transactions on the Blockchain. And you do not pay any taxes on profits. Only net income.

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