Everything you need to know about the WRX Mining Bounty - India’s largest crypto mining rewards!

How do I participate in the mining?

To participate, trade in any of the coins in the USDT, BTC and INR markets. The more you trade, the more WRX you unlock and earn!

Each of your trades will be calculated to determine which trading slab you have achieved. Each trading slab you climb up gives you a boost & you unlock more WRX!

Note: WRX mining is not available for P2P trades.

How can I track my trades and unlocked WRX?

We have built a powerful mining tracker page for you to keep a minute by minute track of trades and WRX coins you have unlocked. You can also see a daily history of the WRX you have unlocked during the mining period. To access the mining tracker -


  1. Make sure you are updated to the latest version of the Android App
  2. Login to your WazirX account
  3. Tap on the Settings menu at the top left
  4. Tap on WRX Mining

The tracker is not live for iOS yet. However, all trades you make on the iOS app too will count towards the mining. iOS users can track the mining through the web app or Android app.

How can I unlock more WRX?

The more you trade in the USDT, BTC and INR markets, the more WRX you can unlock and earn everyday! With each trading slab, you will boost and unlock more WRX rewards. You can boost your earnings by upto 3333x as you move from the first level to the highest level in trading! ALL your trades for the day will be combined and totalled up every few minutes to calculate the slab you have unlocked. The current daily slabs and rewards are as below -

USDT Market Trading


BTC Market Trading


INR Market Trading


For ease in calculation, boost figures are calculated cumulatively and rounded off.

When will the unlocked WRX be credited to my account?

You should be able to see the unlocked WRX in your WRX balance within 24 hours 


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