Augmented reality

3. Augmented reality

Here one is experiencing a real world in such a way that it feels like a virtual reality experience. One can’t define it as an unreal experience but an experience of the reality around us. For instance, when a person visits an historical site on the internet, there are 3D mappings that would show the person landmarks, buildings, historical locations and other relevant information. One can move around areas in the computer to see fascinating historical sites using a smartphone.

4. Collaborative

Collaborative reality is usually in the form of virtual reality games and they are not fully immersive. This virtual reality gives the viewer an interactive experience and so one can even share their experience with other people in the virtual world.

5. Web-based

Some Scientists have discovered ways to use virtual reality over the internet using the Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML). This gives people an opportunity to discover new and interesting things the internet can offer. Also, people get to interact and have real experiences with their friends on social media.

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