HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset Processing UnitAugmented reality devices are basically mini-supercomputers packed into tiny wearable devices



HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset Processing UnitAugmented reality devices are basically mini-supercomputers packed into tiny wearable devices. These devices require significant computer processing power and utilize many of the same components that our smartphones do. These components include a CPU, a GPU, flash memory, RAM, Bluetooth/Wifi microchip, global positioning system (GPS) microchip, and more. Advanced augmented reality devices, such as the Microsoft Hololens utilize an accelerometer (to measure the speed in which your head is moving), a gyroscope (to measure the tilt and orientation of your head), and a magnetometer (to function as a compass and figure out which direction your head is pointing) to provide for truly immersive experience.


HoloLens Augmented Reality Headset Optics LensesMirrors are used in augmented reality devices to assist with the way your eye views the virtual image. Some augmented reality devices may have “an array of many small curved mirrors” (as with the Magic Leap augmented reality device) and others may have a simple double-sided mirror with one surface reflecting incoming light to a side-mounted camera and the other surface reflecting light from a side-mounted display to the user’s eye. In the Microsoft Hololens, the use of “mirrors” involves see-through holographic lenses (Microsoft refers to them as waveguides) that use an optical projection system to beam holograms into your eyes. A so-called light engine, emits the light towards two separate lenses (one for each eye), which consists of three layers of glass of three different primary colors (blue, green, red). The light hits those layers and then enters the eye at specific angles, intensities and colors, producing a final holistic image on the eye’s retina. Regardless of method, all of these reflection paths have the same objective, which is to assist with image alignment to the user’s eye.

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