Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Will Have 'Online Play' According to PlayStation Store

Well, that tweet from EA Star Wars on April 12th has already aged badly. “No microtransactions. No loot boxes. And no, we won't be adding them. A single-player Star Wars story for those of you who are ready to become a Jedi,”Electronic Arts proudly proclaimed of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

However, this may not be the full story. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has popped up for pre-order on the PlayStation Store with a nugget of information - “Online Play (Optional)”.

SWJ: Fallen Order isn’t a strictly single-player game as we’d been led to believe then. There is online multiplayer of some form, albeit optional. Oddly, that multiplayer support is alluded to the US PSN page for Fallen Order, while the UK store makes no mention of it whatsoever.

As of right now, it’s about as clear as the swamps of Dagobah what any of this means, but clearly, EA and Respawn have a multiplayer component up their sleeves that they haven’t been upfront about.

That isn’t to say that multiplayer support would necessarily be a bad thing, but, for example, just how much focus is being placed on multiplayer development versus the single-player campaign? Any work on one will necessarily take away from the other, so we’re certainly intrigued to find out what this all means.

And look, this may all be much ado about nothing, but the marketing from EA has certainly tried to paint Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order in as pure a light as possible. According to them, this is a single-player game that hasn’t been messed around with whatsoever, just like the good old days. But, it’s also a game that comes with pre-order exclusive cosmetic goodies, as well as a Deluxe Edition that features additional content. Consider our suspicions raised, at least until we hear more.

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