Spheroid Universe

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The Spheroid Universe social network is an innovative space for business, communication and entertainment. Access and interaction with this space is provided through the Spheroid Universe mobile app.

Anyone, community, or company can create their own universe, their own world, within the Spheroid Universe. This world reflects their interests, hobbies, values.

To fill their universes, the owners make publications (AR-Publications). AR Publications are related to objects or places in the real world. They arise and reproduce in augmented reality superimposed on the real world.

Users can create AR-Publications from graphic objects, photos, videos, audio or text notes. They design them using platform tools or tools offered by the developer community (plug-in plug-ins). Users can invite other users to their worlds, discover and share the content of their universes.

Publications in augmented reality (AR-Publications) differ from ordinary posts on social networks in that in addition to the infinitely rich possibilities of visual design, which brought the technology of augmented reality, they can be a complex software product that interacts with the user at a predetermined or changed update process rules.

For example, a brand can populate its world with characters who can escort people to the door of the store, telling them about new products. Or, these characters can turn themselves into a store: show a product of interest to a person, tell about it, accept an order.

The world of Spheroid Universe is contextual. It consists of a potentially infinite number of universes. Users can select the universes they observe by controlling the visibility settings. Due to this, different users in the same place can see different worlds, with different content, important and interesting to them, at a given time. They can enable or disable the worlds from which information enters their own universe.

Website - www.spheroiduniverse.io

An Informal Community of Spheroid Universe to Promote - Common Official Group - Only English chat is allowed & Follow the Rules of this Community.

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The Bees of Universe

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