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Sensors are usually on the outside of the augmented reality device, and gather a user’s real world interactions and communicate them to be processed and interpreted. Cameras are also located on the outside of the device, and visually scan to collect data about the surrounding area. The devices take this information, which often determines where surrounding physical objects are located, and then formulates a digital model to determine appropriate output. In the case of Microsoft Hololens, specific cameras perform specific duties, such as depth sensing. Depth sensing cameras work in tandem with two “environment understanding cameras” on each side of the device. Another common type of camera is a standard several megapixel camera (similar to the ones used in smartphones) to record pictures, videos, and sometimes information to assist with augmentation.



While “Projection Based Augmented Reality” is a category in-itself, we are specifically referring to a miniature projector often found in a forward and outward-facing position on wearable augmented reality headsets. The projector can essentially turn any surface into an interactive environment. As mentioned above, the information taken in by the cameras used to examine the surrounding world, is processed and then projected onto a surface in front of the user; which could be a wrist, a wall, or even another person. The use of projection in augmented reality devices means that screen real estate will eventually become a lesser important component. In the future, you may not need an iPad to play an online game of chess because you will be able to play it on the tabletop in front of you.

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