Spheroid Universe is an open decentralized augmented reality platform


Spheroid  Universe  is  an  open  decentralized  augmented  reality  platform  that  creates  the  conditions 

for  participation  and  earning for an  unlimited  number  of  participants:  developers,  artists  and 

regular  users. It  is  a  platform  where the  platform  users (Space  owners), rather  than  an  IT 

corporation,  receive  the  earnings  from  advertising.

Spaces,  just  like  any  property,  have  value.  They  can  be  bought  or  sold.  This  asset  can  be  leased  out 

for  3D  advertising  object  placement.

Spheroid  Universe  is  based  on  an  advertising  business  model.  The  platform  creates  and  develops 

AR  advertising  services,  connecting  advertisers  and  Space  owners,  receiving  transaction  revenue 

when  advertisers  publish  content  in  the  Spaces.

Advertising  within  the  Spheroid  Universe  is  an  alternative  to  outdoor  advertising  in  the  real  world. 

Both  Enterprise  companies  and  small  businesses use  its  advertising  opportunities.  According  to 

conservative  estimates,  the  international  market  capacity  today  already  exceeds $246  million 


Space  owners’  rights are  already  protected  by  traditional  laws.

Space  is  a  digital  asset  that  has  been  created,  registered  and  protected  on  the  basis  and  in

compliance  with  the  laws  of  the  European  Union.

A  Space  owner  has  a  right  to  resell  it,  lease  it  out,  give  it  as  a  gift,  transfer  it  as  inheritance,  use  it  as 

collateral,  contribute  it  to  company  charter  capital.

Website - www.spheroiduniverse.io

An Informal Community of Spheroid Universe to Promote - Common Official Group - Only English chat is allowed & Follow the Rules of this Community.

Join in Telegram group to earn more SPH to buy more Spaces(NFT)👉🏻👉🏻


Dear  members of this great unique project make sure to download our mobile apps:

For IOS: 


For Android:


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